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April 30, 2009


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I want to do the course by correspondance,I have worked many years in the construction and mineing industry.So I got A pretty good idea how saftey runs on site.But I think I have had enough on the tools,so while the resscesion is kicking in,could be A good time to study up,So what do you think??

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As far as animals/birds, I ran across several references to rats,
bats, phoenix and peacocks (the birds themselves but not their plumage
which is said to carry bad luck).

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Such an incredible way to show the opinion! Cool! I have to admit ? I do believe you are too good at your work and so perfect with all your opinions. Hats off what excellent information you've with this issue?

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Holy shit. I can't beleive I actually read that whole thing. How boring.

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